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Earlier this morning, we were talking on the Points With a Crew Slack channel and someone posted a link to a Business Insider article where they asked LOT Airlines pilots to give up their best photos taken on the job.  The result was 16 of the most stunning in-flight pictures that you’ve ever seen.

Here was my favorite out of all the pics


There were also sunrise / sunset pics, runway landings, aerial cityscapes and much more.  And the best part about it, instead of being all Buzzfeed where each picture is on a new page and has 7000 ads and popups, the Business Insider article has all the pictures on one page 🙂

I always enjoy having a window seat (SEE ALSO: Aisle seat or window seat (or middle)? The definitive answer to the age-old question), but whenever I try to take pictures, they never seem to turn out very well.  I guess sitting in the captain’s chair you get a bit of a less obstructed view…

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What’s the best in-flight pic you’ve ever seen?  Any good tips for taking them?

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