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awardwalletAward Wallet is one of my favorite miles and points tools.  I use it to keep track of all my miles and points balances, and it’s a good way to keep on top of those balances as well as monitor your accounts for any unauthorized or fraudulent activity.  When I came up with my Top 10 miles and points tools, Award Wallet came in at #1

Readers must agree, since when we did the Travel Hacking March Mayhem championship, Award Wallet sailed through the 16 tool bracket, coming in at #1 there too.


Award Wallet free service

Award Wallet has a free basic service, which is generally good or most people.  It allows you to track balances in just about every frequent flier program out there (airline, hotel, and even many store rewards programs).  The upgraded system has a few extra features


Award Wallet upgrade codes

I’m giving away 250 free Award Wallet upgrade codes this week.  I’ve seen other blogs do this before and it’s always just a matter of first come, first serve at whatever timezone is convenient to people when the post goes up.  I thought I would try it a little bit differently to see how it works.  I’m going to release them on a schedule as follows (all times Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-0400)

  • 50 codes when this post first publishes (Monday 5/30 ~12pm EDT)
  • I will update this post with 50 more codes later today at approximately 4-5pm EDT
  • I will update this post with 50 more codes at about midnight Tuesday 5/31

I will create a new post for the final 100 codes (it’s easier to schedule the post that way) Tuesday at approximately 6 a.m. EDT

Here is the third set of 50 codes (posted Tuesday 5/31 12am EDT)

Invite-20096-NZGFO – use coupon
Invite-20096-NZPWE – use coupon
Invite-20096-NZRYC – use coupon
Invite-20096-NZYWE – use coupon
Invite-20096-NZZDB – use coupon
Invite-20096-OAGEZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-OBLGO – use coupon
Invite-20096-OCBAD – use coupon
Invite-20096-OCRUV – use coupon
Invite-20096-OCSZA – use coupon
Invite-20096-ODARM – use coupon
Invite-20096-ODUCB – use coupon
Invite-20096-OEOWM – use coupon
Invite-20096-OFJVP – use coupon
Invite-20096-OFPLF – use coupon
Invite-20096-OFSSW – use coupon
Invite-20096-OGJGI – use coupon
Invite-20096-OGUXL – use coupon
Invite-20096-OHMGO – use coupon
Invite-20096-OINMM – use coupon
Invite-20096-OJAHN – use coupon
Invite-20096-OJTQE – use coupon
Invite-20096-OJUXR – use coupon
Invite-20096-OKDPN – use coupon
Invite-20096-OLDNQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-OLVYQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-OMQOU – use coupon
Invite-20096-OMYIE – use coupon
Invite-20096-ONAUY – use coupon
Invite-20096-ONDHR – use coupon
Invite-20096-ONMTI – use coupon
Invite-20096-ONSOG – use coupon
Invite-20096-ONXSS – use coupon
Invite-20096-OOFLJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-OORNK – use coupon
Invite-20096-OPZXN – use coupon
Invite-20096-OQOQK – use coupon
Invite-20096-ORYFR – use coupon
Invite-20096-OTLOI – use coupon
Invite-20096-OTMLQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-OTQNF – use coupon
Invite-20096-OVJFP – use coupon
Invite-20096-OVZDI – use coupon
Invite-20096-OXQAP – use coupon
Invite-20096-OXUFF – use coupon
Invite-20096-OYXVA – use coupon
Invite-20096-OZWNW – use coupon
Invite-20096-PGPAP – use coupon
Invite-20096-PGQDB – use coupon
Invite-20096-PIXND – use coupon

Here is the second set of 50 codes (posted Monday 5/30 4pm EDT)

Invite-20096-LADYZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-LIXIT – use coupon
Invite-20096-LJHDO – use coupon
Invite-20096-LJHPI – use coupon
Invite-20096-LJZNG – use coupon
Invite-20096-LMWJX – use coupon
Invite-20096-LOPAG – use coupon
Invite-20096-LPMYB – use coupon
Invite-20096-LQWUD – use coupon
Invite-20096-LTNPF – use coupon
Invite-20096-LUIXT – use coupon
Invite-20096-LVDEM – use coupon
Invite-20096-LXNQB – use coupon
Invite-20096-LXYAN – use coupon
Invite-20096-LYQFY – use coupon
Invite-20096-LZPJP – use coupon
Invite-20096-MDEVN – use coupon
Invite-20096-MDKHG – use coupon
Invite-20096-MFMQK – use coupon
Invite-20096-MKWVU – use coupon
Invite-20096-MLPHF – use coupon
Invite-20096-MNHNT – use coupon
Invite-20096-MNNFC – use coupon
Invite-20096-MNSJI – use coupon
Invite-20096-MOCFW – use coupon
Invite-20096-MQTBW – use coupon
Invite-20096-MRDRW – use coupon
Invite-20096-MRHGP – use coupon
Invite-20096-MSNTK – use coupon
Invite-20096-MSOYM – use coupon
Invite-20096-MTDRN – use coupon
Invite-20096-MTPLF – use coupon
Invite-20096-MUJTE – use coupon
Invite-20096-MVOLR – use coupon
Invite-20096-MVXJQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-MWRUW – use coupon
Invite-20096-NAJGN – use coupon
Invite-20096-NAUEJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-NBHTB – use coupon
Invite-20096-NDVSJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-NGYQI – use coupon
Invite-20096-NIQJU – use coupon
Invite-20096-NLMER – use coupon
Invite-20096-NOFBN – use coupon
Invite-20096-NRWNL – use coupon
Invite-20096-NSQUM – use coupon
Invite-20096-NTPBD – use coupon
Invite-20096-NUGHL – use coupon
Invite-20096-NWNBP – use coupon
Invite-20096-NYDLG – use coupon

Here are the first 50 codes (Monday 5/30 ~12pm EDT)

Invite-20096-ITWUI – use coupon
Invite-20096-IUSUM – use coupon
Invite-20096-IUWEQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-IYVFS – use coupon
Invite-20096-IZFVD – use coupon
Invite-20096-IZHLM – use coupon
Invite-20096-IZOHW – use coupon
Invite-20096-JAIVZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JDRUZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JDYLT – use coupon
Invite-20096-JHJXD – use coupon
Invite-20096-JKJUV – use coupon
Invite-20096-JMDMV – use coupon
Invite-20096-JMVOW – use coupon
Invite-20096-JOGNK – use coupon
Invite-20096-JORMU – use coupon
Invite-20096-JPJMR – use coupon
Invite-20096-JQVRW – use coupon
Invite-20096-JQVTE – use coupon
Invite-20096-JTPPM – use coupon
Invite-20096-JUBGX – use coupon
Invite-20096-JUZHJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JVDWQ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JVGIJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JWFZX – use coupon
Invite-20096-JWMXX – use coupon
Invite-20096-JWTXZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-JXIBA – use coupon
Invite-20096-JXJUL – use coupon
Invite-20096-JYSMX – use coupon
Invite-20096-JYWJP – use coupon
Invite-20096-JZCPI – use coupon
Invite-20096-JZEND – use coupon
Invite-20096-KAIHC – use coupon
Invite-20096-KAKSU – use coupon
Invite-20096-KBPNC – use coupon
Invite-20096-KCYYM – use coupon
Invite-20096-KCZEJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-KGSFA – use coupon
Invite-20096-KJVWY – use coupon
Invite-20096-KKDFM – use coupon
Invite-20096-KMHBZ – use coupon
Invite-20096-KOHWK – use coupon
Invite-20096-KQIKH – use coupon
Invite-20096-KSEZS – use coupon
Invite-20096-KVHHM – use coupon
Invite-20096-KWGQE – use coupon
Invite-20096-KWILF – use coupon
Invite-20096-KYIWJ – use coupon
Invite-20096-KZXSR – use coupon

Please just take 1, and If you have additional upgrade codes, you’re welcome to post them in the comments.

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