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laquintalogoEarlier in the year, La Quinta had a Play and Stay slot machine-style game that ended up netting me just shy of 10,000 points.   I started off enjoying that game, though with (unannounced) changes to the game, it quickly lost much of its luster but I still persevered on each day, even though by the end I would rarely win anything.

It’s hard to say if LQ achieved their marketing goals with that.  They kind of annoyed me with all the unannounced changes to the game – so much so that I wrote a complaining email that actually got a live person phone response!  For sure it got the kids excited – they loved playing the game and even now will call out a La Quinta if/when we drive by one.  Unfortunately for La Quinta, the kids aren’t the ones who book the hotel stays!! 🙂

Anyway, hat tip to InACents, but La Quinta has a periodic promotion where you can earn 300 LQ points for watching a 3 minute video, and it is back in effect now.

You can choose any one of 3 links

I picked the Florida one.  You watch a brief introductory part, then have to choose which part of Florida you “want” to go to and whether it’s for business or pleasure.  Then it shows you a 3 minute video about something (I’m not sure because I didn’t actually watch it – just let it go in a background tab)

Afterwards you click on “Get your points”, enter in your LQ member id and last name and BOOM 300 points.


This actually works out great for me as the Stay and Play game left me with 7950 points, which is 50 points less than it takes for a Category 2 hotel, so this should put me over the top.

300 points isn’t much, but neither is 3 minutes – are you going to watch?

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