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Part of playing the travel hacking “game” is doing occasional credit card maintenance.  I got the Gold Amex Delta Skymiles card about a year ago, and while the annual fee was waived the first year, $95 was coming due soon.  Time to see what kind of Delta Skymiles retention offer I could get!  I actually screwed up when I got this card and got a way worse offer than I should have, but that, my friends, is another story entirely!!

It had actually already posted on my account a few days ago, but with American Express, you have 60 days after the annual fee to cancel the card without having to pay the fee.  So I logged on to, used my handy trick to always get a live chat (did you know that this is STILL my most popular post I’ve ever written?)

delta-skymiles-retention-offer-card-logoHow’d the chat go?

We started with the pleasantries

Amex: How can I help you today?
you: I was looking at my Amex Delta Skymiles card
you: and noticed that the annual fee is coming up
you: I like the card and would like to keep it
you: but I’m not sure the benefits I’m getting are worth the annual fee
you: and so I thought I would check in with you guys to see how you could help me out!
Amex: I will be happy to check your account!
Amex: Please allow me some time to review the account details.
Then we got into the part I find most annoying about these retention chats – where the rep tells you about all of the “benefits” of the card, and lists some of the dumbest things out there (emphasis mine)
Amex: You will be glad to know the benefits of your Gold delta card…
Amex: You get One SkyMile for every dollar in eligible purchases.
Two SkyMiles for every eligible dollar spent on Delta purchases.
you: Yes
Amex: Identity Theft Assistance*
Amex: Entertainment Access
Extended Warranty
Purchase Protection
Amex: Express Service
Global Assist
Roadside Assistance

Amex Delta Skymiles card retention offer


I really want to fly more on Delta! Work with me here, Amex!!!! 😀

As she continued talking about benefits that aren’t really useful (no foreign transaction fees, which is actually somewhat useful, except I’d say most cards have that nowadays), I tried to ask what kind of retention offer I could get, again, emphasis mine

you: I do really like the Delta card though
you: what’s the most bonus Skymiles you could offer in exchange for my keeping that card?
Amex: I am sorry there is no retention bonus offer on this card.
Amex: However, you can switch to Hilton Hhonors card from American Express that has $0 annual membership fee.
you: I see.
you: What type of statement credit offers are available?
Amex: We keep you informed about the upcoming offers via emails, banner ads throughout MYCA, and integrations within Amex site navigation areas, however, there is retention bonus.
I’m….. not sure what that last sentence means, but unfortunately I did not get any kind of offer.  When I called to cancel my SPG Amex, they at least offered a token amount (which I turned down anyways)

Downgrading the account

She did offer to downgrade the account either to the $65 annual fee SPG Amex or to the no-fee Amex Hilton HHonors card (which I already have).  What I will probably do is transfer the credit limit over to my existing Amex Hilton card, but there might be one reason to hold on to the card at least a little while longer!

One reason to keep the card for a few weeks?

One reason to keep it for a little bit longer is that because it’s an American Express card, it’s eligible for Small Business Saturday, which would give me an additional $30 statement credit.  I’ll have to think if that’s worth it or not…

Anyone ever gotten a good Amex Delta Skymiles card retention offer?


Points With a Crew has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Points With a Crew and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers. Other links on this page may also pay me a commission - as always, thanks for your support if you use them

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