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barclay-arrival-logoI’ve written before about the Barclay Arrival card, and why I think it is just about the best place to put non-signup-bonus, non-category spend.

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My wife and I both have the Barclay Arrival card (though unfortunately, you can’t transfer Arrival points between accounts).  I know that there are many others that do as well, so I thought I would pass along an offer that I (well, my wife) got in the mail

Barclay Arrival bonus spending offer

In the mail I got the following offer


Spend $750 in November, December and January and get 5000 bonus miles.  So with $2,250 in spending, you will earn 9500 miles (remember your regular spending earns 2 Barclay Arrival miles everywhere).  Which makes it 4.2 miles per $ of spend.

To put it a different way, you could buy 5 $500 gift cards at your local grocery store, which will each come with a $5.95 activation fee.  So about $30 cost to get your 9500 miles, which will be good for $95 in travel (plus you’ll get a rebate of 950 miles back).  This was all so much easier before Amazon Payments went away… 🙂

If you have upcoming travel expenses that won’t be covered by other means, this would seem to be a deal to take advantage of.  If you’re not sure how to redeem your Barclay Arrival miles, you can check out my step-by-step guide.

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It does appear to be a possibly targeted offer

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