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barclayarrivalSeveral of the bank points do allow you to transfer your points to another user such as a spouse.  Specifically, I know that Chase Ultimate Rewards do allow this, as I just did it.  When I closed out my Sapphire Preferred account, leaving me without a “premium” Chase account, I transferred my rewards to my wife’s account – since she has a new Ink card, we’ll still be able to transfer them to their range of partners.

I had a recent trip where I rented a car, and used my Barclay Arrival card to pay for it.  Following my handy guide in how to redeem them, I got to the redemption page, only to find…..

barclayavisWell shoot!  I don’t have quite enough to pay for it. Ironically, if I redeemed 20,000 miles towards it, I would get another 2000 miles back as a rebate, which would almost be enough to pay the rest of it, but they do have a rule that says you can only redeem points against a particular transaction one time.

So my next thought was that my wife also has an Arrival card, and has a decent number of points there.  So…

Can you transfer points from one account to another?


There, now that makes a short blog post, right? :-D.

I looked for ways to do that on the website and did not find a way.  I searched the Internet and there did not seem to be any indication that you could do it.

I sent a message to Barclay customer service asking for clarification and I’ll let you know what they say, but until then, I think the answer is no.  If anyone has had any luck doing so, please let us know in the comments.

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