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I am a total map (and road) geek – you can see several goals in that vein on my travel bucket list, and it’s one of the reasons that I am trying to visit all 3,143 COUNTIES in the United States.  So when I saw a recent post about one man’s attempt to “redraw” the world into countries with relatively equal population, I was super intrigued.

User twohundertseventy posted about his experience on the dailykos website: Redrawing the World



He also shared some of the methodology he used in creating 200 countries, each with a population of (roughly) 36 million people.  He started with each country, and divided into its first-level administrative division (states, provinces, etc).  In some cases (think India or China), they had to break down into even lower level administrative districts, since some of the states there have north of 100 million people.

You can read more at the original article, and the author also explains more of his methodology in the comments – I think my favorite one said:

Not sure which would cause more warfare – Splitting Kashmir up into East [Kashmir] and West [Kashmir]

Or combining New York and New England into a single country with the capital in New York.

You can also check it out the interactive Google Map.

So how many of THESE countries have you been to?

My current (real) country count is 7: US, Canada Dominican Republic, Germany, Austria, England and France (though I am still determining countries I visited in Europe as an infant, as well as figuring out if I should count them)

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Under this new system, I would have visited 17:

  • Canada (has most of Canada and some of the northern US – I guess I would have needed a passport for my recent Amtrak train trip!)
  • Cascadia (northwestern US)
  • California
  • Texas
  • Superior (near the Great Lakes)
  • Appalachia
  • Dixie (southern US)
  • Ohio Valley (home country!)
  • Atlantica (eastern US)
  • Nouvelle Angleterre (New England / Quebec)
  • West Indies
  • Venezuela (includes Puerto Rico, which I visited earlier this year)
  • England
  • Gaule (northern France)
  • Alpenland (southern Germany / Austria)
  • Rheinland (middle Germany)
  • Elbe-Labe (eastern Germany)

How about you?

But how many of THESE countries have you been to? Hint: they may not be what you're imagining

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