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This is from a few months ago, but in case you hadn’t seen it, here is an article from an ex-TSA agent talking about some of the ins and outs of security.


Dear America, I Saw You Naked – And yes, we were laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

It’s kind of long, and it doesn’t pretend to be a balanced story, but was IMO a worthwhile read.  The short answer is that it probably confirms the suspicions of most people of what TSA agents do (not much) and how effective the screening process is (not very).  It reminds me of the parody video of the official TSA kids video called “Stop. Surrender your personal freedoms and right to privacy. Go!”


A few of my favorite quotes from the parody video.

“Of COURSE they can see our private parts!”

“So THAT’S how they’ve stopped all the terrorists since 9/11? Haha, they haven’t stopped ANYONE!”

“Your video game could be the detonation device for a chemical bomb hidden inside Molly’s bear!”

Hope you found it interesting


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