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Free is free. Marriott is back at it again. Thanks to one of my travel awards buddy, Ben K., for sharing this with me.
Here’s another free earning points opportunity from Marriott. All you need to do is send this tweet and you’ll earn 100 Marriott Rewards. It may not exactly be worth a lot of points per se, but for writing a simple tweet, hey, that’s 100 points.

Image courtesy of Toronto Maple Leafs

Here’s what you need to do

If you’ve already connected your Twitter account and linked it with Marriott, all you need to do is
  • Send this tweet  Fans on the road…
  • Attach a picture, any picture (probably best of anything that’s travel-related)
  • Wait for Marriott to reply back
  • It is unknown when this promo will expire, so act soon.

Author’s tweet to Marriott

Here’s Marriott’s reply to my tweet.

Marriott’s reply to Author’s tweet

Haven’t connected your Social Media account with Marriott/SPG yet

If you haven’t done so yet, here’s the link to get you started with linking your social media accounts with Marriott/SPG
Why do so? Marriott’s had quite a few promotions with their Social Media and those who participated earned as much as 1,000 Marriott Rewards. We saw quite a few of these promos during the football season when Marriott posted a weekly question, and we had an opportunity in tweeting our replies and received 1,000 each time. Not bad for entering a few keystrokes. I miss those easy 1000 weekly points from Marriott. Did you take advantage of them?

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