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chaselogoSo I love me Chase Ultimate Rewards, and I love the Chase Ink card as well as the other Chase products like the Freedom or the Sapphire.  Now I might not love them as much as people that get PAID to love them, but I do still love them.  You can tell I’m an amateur because I didn’t manage to get ANY affiliate links in those first 2 sentences…. They’re just boring ol’ links to my blog 🙂

I think Chase Ultimate Rewards are probably the best all-around mileage currency out there.  They’re easy to get, and they have a wide variety of partners to redeem them on.

I got the Chase Ink card as part of my very first credit card churn ever, and I’ve had it for quite awhile (though I recently canceled mine when my wife got one with the increased signup bonus).

Free Lounge access

chaseinkEveryone seems to know about the Ink’s 5x category bonus at office supply stores, but one of the lesser-known perks is that it offers 2 free lounge visits per year.

Now when I first heard about this, I thought it was at one of the airline lounges and you could just show your Ink card at any lounge and they’d let you in.

That would be a big negatory on that one.

It’s actually a subscription to an outfit called The Lounge Club, which has 350 locations at various airports around the world.

loungeclubJoining the club

To join the Lounge Club,  you need to go to the Chase Ink landing page, which is at

Enter in the secret password…. “chaseink” as the invitation code

loungeclubactivationThat will take you to another page which you have to put in your contact information, including your Chase Ink information.

Then, a week or two later, you’ll get the official Lounge Club card.
loungeclubcardTHIS is the card that you need to show at the airport lounge.  You get 2 free visits, so if you take your spouse with you on the 1st visit, that counts as your 2 visits right there.  Children under a certain age are free, but it depends on location.  For example at ORD, children 4 and under are free, but at the lounge at ATL, it’s 12 and under

Where are the lounges?

You can visit the Lounge Club directory for a list of lounges.  There are 350 all around the world but only in 19 different airports in the US

loungeclublocationsLounge amenities

Most of the lounges have free snacks and most have alcoholic drinks (though we don’t drink so that’s not nearly as important to us).  There are some that have shower facilities.  We are planning on checking out the lounge at ATL on an upcoming trip, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

Have you ever been to a Lounge Club?  What was your experience like?


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