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chase-account-online-chase-ultimate-rewards I have a lot of Chase cards.  I’d imagine I am not alone in this – after all, Chase Ultimate Rewards is one of the best mileage “curencies” out there – with tons of transfer partners and lots of good ways to earn them, one can never have too many (can they?)

Yesterday I learned a trick on how to manage my Chase account online and I thought that I would pass it on!

When I log on to my Chase account online at, I am greeted first by an Account Summary breaking down my statements into groups based on whether they are personal cards or business cards (and I actually have several different businesses, so they’re grouped even further).  To me, these summaries are not particularly useful and just clutter up the page.

Then, it lists my accounts.  Here’s what I have:

chase-account-online-chase-inkWhy do closed cards show up there?

I guess I can see why Chase would keep closed (zero balance) cards for a little bit, to let you see your final statements and/or make a final payment, etc.

It just feels like I closed these cards quite a bit of time ago, so I’m not sure how long Chase will keep them in my account summary.

How to hide your Chase account online

Thankfully, there is an easy way to hide accounts that you don’t want to see.  First, on your main “My Account” page, go to the Customer Center


Then, choose “Show / Hide accounts”


Once you’re there, it will ask you from which login you want to show / hide accounts. In my case, I have myself and 2 business accounts (I have them linked together, but I’ve never quite understood how Chase has them linked on their back end – they all show up for me in one online login).

Pick one of them (you’ll need to repeat the process for each login), and you’ll see the following screen:

chase-account-online-list-of-accounts Choose which cards you want to display and ta da! You’re done!

One thing to note is that in my case, my business only had my Ink card, which I was hiding.  When I chose to hide that card, I got the following error message


Not a big deal – I just hit OK and that account did not show up any more.  You still can go back in and unhide these accounts later if you want.  Hopefully this helps you keep your life simple and uncluttered!

(HT: Travel With Grant)


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