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Yesterday I wrote about my first ever negative FBA feedback received by selling through Amazon.  This was related to an Apple watch purportedly received with an empty box (no watch inside).  Since this was sold fulfilled by Amazon, I thought it was a bit unfair to get negative FBA feedback about something that I had no control over!  After reading up on things, there’s a fairly easy way to get negative FBA feedback removed (assuming you have a valid case like this)

Get negative FBA feedback removed through the FBA Help section

The first step to get negative FBA feedback removed is to go into the Seller Support section in Amazon Seller Central.  The way I got to the negative FBA feedback screen is to go to the Help screen and search for ‘negative FBA feedback’


Clicking the Request Feedback Removal and choose Customers and Orders and put in the Order ID of the order with the negative FBA feedback.  Amazon Seller Central prepopulates the page with your most recent 3-5 orders, but in my case the Order ID was not any of those, so I just found the order that had the negative feedback and pasted it in.

I submitted my negative feedback removal request and automatically received a message saying


All right!  That’s what I’m talking about.  If you don’t get an automatic success message like this one, you will have to wait for Amazon to manually review your negative FBA feedback removal request.  This should happen within a few days, or if not, you can always open up a ticket with Amazon Seller Support.

Negative FBA feedback removal – success!

Immediately after getting that message, I went back into Amazon FBA Seller Central to check my feedback. I can now see my feedback, and the negative FBA feedback was instantly removed!  It’s listed there for historical references but it’s struck-through and Amazon has a comment owning the negative feedback.


Thanks Amazon, for taking responsibility for the fulfillment experience!

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