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american-express-priority-pass-platinum-logoOne of the nice benefits of the American Express Platinum card is the American Express Priority Pass benefit.  All platinum cards have free Priority Pass Select membership, which gives each cardholder access to over 700 Priority Pass airport lounges.  This was a benefit that I plan to take advantage of when planning my European lounge strategy.

How to use the American Express Priority Pass Platinum card benefit

The one very important thing to know is that YOU CANNOT JUST SHOW UP TO A PRIORITY PASS LOUNGE WITH YOUR AMERICAN EXPRESS PLATINUM CARD AND EXPECT TO GET IN! (bolded and shouted for emphasis!)

You must sign up for your Priority Pass Amex benefit, and you do that on the American Express website.


After you sign up with your Amex Platinum card username and password, you will fill out some basic information, and that’s it – your Priority Pass select membership information will be mailed to you within 10-14 business days.

Once you get your Priority Pass card, THAT is the card that you will take with you and show at the airport lounges.

Do authorized users get the American Express Priority Pass benefit?

One of the nice things about the American Express Platinum card is the ability for authorized users to share in all of the benefits.  I signed up for the Ameriprise version of the American Express Platinum card back in my May 2015 credit card churn, which has no annual fee for the first year for the main user nor any of the authorized users.

Authorized users ARE eligible for the Priority Pass American Express benefit, but you can’t sign up online.  Instead you have to call in:

  • 800-525-3355 if you have the regular American Express Platinum card
  • 800-492-8468 if you have a business American Express Platinum card

Since my wife is actually the main cardholder on the account, I am an authorized user.  So where “she” was able to sign up online, I had to call in, which I did yesterday.  It was super easy – after giving the agent my card number and information, he signed me up for my American Express Priority Pass benefit right on the phone, and my card will be mailed out to me

Here's Carolyn at The Club in ATL - one of the Priority Pass lounges

Here’s Carolyn at The Club in ATL – one of the Amex Priority Pass lounges

What is the Amex Priority Pass guest benefit?

Some of the cards that give lounge access also allow you to bring in guests for free.  For the American Express Priority Pass select benefit, you do NOT get to bring in guests.  Or rather, you CAN, but it costs a $27 fee per Priority Pass guest (something I generally would NOT recommend paying).  When Carolyn and I go to Europe next month, we will just both bring our cards to get us both in.

Note that if you forget your Priority Pass select card, you may be able to call in to get access – see How to access Priority Pass lounges with no card

Have you used the American Express Priority Pass benefit of your American Express Platinum card?  Any tips or tricks?  Share in the comments


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