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Last week the full IHG Point Breaks list was updated for bookings through the end of October.  I have updated the IHG Point Breaks map page that I maintain with the latest list, which was just released.  Remember, you can always bookmark that page and check in at

There are only 109 hotels (lower than usual) on the list.

These hotels are now bookable but remember, the good hotels go fast so book quickly.  Make sure you are following the right list – since the original list came out, there have already been 6 changes to the Point Breaks list (!)

[The 7 best hotels to use for the August – October 2017 Point Breaks list]

I am also including the map and sortable table here for reference

IHG Point Breaks map August 2017, September 2017, October 2017

Here is the current IHG Point Breaks map, for hotels bookable in August 2017, September 2017, October 2017.  These hotels will be bookable for 5000 points / night through October 31st, 2017 (subject to availability)

IHG Point Breaks list with sortable table of all current IHG Pointbreaks

If a sortable table is easier to view, here’s the IHG / Priority Point Breaks list in a table form

IdHotel NameCityStateCountryBrandHotel URLLatitudeLongitude
181CANDLEWOOD SUITES AURORA-NAPERVILLENapervilleIllinoisUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL41.7508391-88.1535352
241CANDLEWOOD SUITES BISMARCKBismarckNorth DakotaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL46.8083268-100.7837392
195CANDLEWOOD SUITES BOWLING GREENBowling GreenKentuckyUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL36.9685219-86.4808043
264CANDLEWOOD SUITES CHESAPEAKE/SUFFOLKChesapeakeVirginiaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL36.7682088-76.2874927
187CANDLEWOOD SUITES ELKHARTElkhartIndianaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL41.6819935-85.9766671
192CANDLEWOOD SUITES EMPORIAEmporiaKansasUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL38.403903-96.1816626
247CANDLEWOOD SUITES ENIDEnidOklahomaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL36.3955891-97.8783911
178CANDLEWOOD SUITES IDAHO FALLSIdaho FallsIdahoUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL43.4916514-112.0339645
238CANDLEWOOD SUITES JACKSONVILLEJacksonvilleNorth CarolinaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL34.7540524-77.4302414
213CANDLEWOOD SUITES JEFFERSON CITYJefferson CityMissouriUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL38.5767017-92.1735164
199CANDLEWOOD SUITES LAFAYETTELafayetteLouisianaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL30.2240897-92.0198427
268CANDLEWOOD SUITES LOGANLoganWest VirginiaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL37.8432269-81.9779704
165CANDLEWOOD SUITES LONGMONTLongmontColoradoUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL40.1672068-105.1019275
185CANDLEWOOD SUITES LOUISVILLE NORTHNew AlbanyIndianaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL38.2856247-85.8241312
269CANDLEWOOD SUITES MORGANTOWN-UNIV WEST VIRGINIAMorgantownWest VirginiaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL39.629526-79.9558968
159CANDLEWOOD SUITES NORTH LITTLE ROCKNorth Little RockArkansasUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL34.769536-92.2670941
223CANDLEWOOD SUITES OMAHA - MILLARD AREAOmahaNebraskaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL41.2523634-95.9979883
252CANDLEWOOD SUITES SAYRESayrePennsylvaniaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL41.9789631-76.515499
208CANDLEWOOD SUITES ST. JOSEPH/BENTON HARBORSt. JosephMichiganUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL42.0938577-86.4895463
234CANDLEWOOD SUITES WATERTOWN-FORT DRUMWatertownNew YorkUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL43.9747838-75.9107565
156CANDLEWOOD SUITES YUMAYumaArizonaUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL32.6926512-114.6276916
49CROWNE PLAZA ABERDEEN AIRPORTAberdeenUnited KingdomCrowne PlazaHotel URL57.149717-2.094278
202CROWNE PLAZA ANNAPOLISAnnapolisMarylandUnited StatesCrowne PlazaHotel URL38.9784453-76.4921829
140CROWNE PLAZA ASUNCIONAsuncionParaguayCrowne PlazaHotel URL-25.2637399-57.575926
65CROWNE PLAZA JAIPUR TONK ROADJaipurIndiaCrowne PlazaHotel URL26.912433675.7872709
23CROWNE PLAZA JOHANNESBURG - THE ROSEBANKJohannesburgSouth AfricaCrowne PlazaHotel URL-26.204102828.0473051
66CROWNE PLAZA NEW DELHI MAYUR VIHAR NOIDANew DelhiIndiaCrowne PlazaHotel URL28.613939177.2090212
96CROWNE PLAZA TUXPANTuxpanMexicoCrowne PlazaHotel URL20.9561149-97.4063351
37HOLIDAY INN CLERMONT - FERRAND CENTREClermontFranceHoliday InnHotel URL45.7772223.087025
245HOLIDAY INN CLEVELAND NORTHEAST - MENTORMentorOhioUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL41.6661573-81.339552
243HOLIDAY INN DAYTON/FAIRBORN I-675FairbornOhioUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL39.8208925-84.0193789
162HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES BANNINGBanningCaliforniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL33.9255713-116.8764103
258HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES BEEVILLEBeevilleTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL28.4008319-97.7483312
250HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES BELLE VERNONBelle VernonPennsylvaniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL40.1250725-79.8664356
108HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES BONNYVILLEBonnyvilleAlbertaCanadaHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL54.2681766-110.7200371
233HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES BUFFALO DOWNTOWNBuffaloNew YorkUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL42.8864468-78.8783689
210HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES CANTONCantonMississippiUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL32.6126381-90.0367512
259HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES CENTERCenterTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL31.7954512-94.1790862
224HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES CHERRY HILLSCherry HillsNebraskaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL41.3211664-96.0714771
172HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES CRESTVIEW SOUTH I-10CrestviewFloridaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL30.7541808-86.5727995
229HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES DEMING MIMBRES VALLEYDemingNew MexicoUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL32.2686981-107.7586404
251HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES DUBOISDuboisPennsylvaniaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL41.1210115-78.7583257
260HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES GAINESVILLEGainesvilleTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL33.6259414-97.1333453
173HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES JACKSONVILLE - BLOUNT ISLANDJacksonvilleFloridaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL30.3321838-81.655651
273HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES LANDERLanderWyomingUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL42.833014-108.7306725
193HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES LANSING-LEAVENWORTHLeavenworthKansasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL39.3111112-94.9224637
211HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES LUCEDALELucedaleMississippiUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL30.9251869-88.5900235
158HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES MAGNOLIA-LAKE COLUMBIAMagnoliaArkansasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL33.2670725-93.239334
176HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES MILLEDGEVILLEMilledgevilleGeorgiaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL33.0801429-83.2320991
89HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES QUERETAROQueretaroMexicoHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL20.5888184-100.3898876
212HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES RIDGELAND - JACKSON NORTH AREARidgelandMississippiUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL32.4284761-90.1323087
207HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES ROSEVILLERosevilleMichiganUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL42.4972583-82.9371409
179HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SANDPOINT NORTHSandpointIdahoUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL48.276577-116.553465
262HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SCHULENBURGSchulenbergTexasUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL29.6819003-96.9030365
196HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SHELBYVILLEShelbyvilleKentuckyUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL38.2120144-85.2235666
189HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SHELDONSheldonIowaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL43.1812107-95.8569539
190HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SIOUX CENTERSioux CenterIowaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL43.0797991-96.1756935
204HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES SWANSEASwanseaMassachusettsUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL41.748162-71.1895617
248HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS & SUITES TULSA WEST - SAND SPRINGSTulsaOklahomaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL36.1539816-95.992775
50HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS ABERDEEN AIRPORTHoliday Inn ExpressUnited KingdomHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL52.548345-0.32338789999994
131HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS BELÉM ANANINDEUABelemBrazilHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL-1.4557794-48.4901968
182HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS CRESTWOODCrestwoodIllinoisUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL41.6611444-87.7525511
265HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS FREDERICKSBURG SOUTHPOINTFredericksburgVirginiaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL38.3031837-77.4605399
226HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS KEENEKeeneNew HampshireUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL42.933692-72.2781409
206HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LAPEERLapeerMichiganUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL43.0514161-83.3188341
200HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LEESVILLE-FT. POLKLeesvilleLouisianaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL31.1435194-93.260998
183HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LINCOLNLincolnIllinoisUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL40.1483768-89.3648183
52HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LONDON - CROYDONCroydonUnited KingdomHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL51.376165-0.098234000000048
244HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS LONDON-I-70LondonOhioUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL39.8864493-83.4482529
45HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS MADRID - TRES CANTOSMadridSpainHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL40.4167754-3.7037902
236HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS OWEGOOwegoNew YorkUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL42.1034075-76.2621549
92HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS PARAISO DOS BOCASParaisoMexicoHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL18.4006144-93.2127162
134HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS PUERTO MONTT - PATAGONIAPuerto MonttChileHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL-41.468917-72.9411364
129HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS ROSARIORosarioArgentinaHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL-32.9442426-60.6505388
170HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS SEAFORD-ROUTE 13SeafordDelawareUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL38.6412256-75.6110381
168HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS SOUTHINGTONSouthingtonConnecticutUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL41.5964869-72.8776013
112HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS STELLARTON-NEW GLASGOWNew GlasgowNova ScotiaCanadaHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL45.5871702-62.6451191
41HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS VORONEZH - KIROVAVoronezhRussiaHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL51.675496639.2088823
53HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WAKEFIELDWakefieldUnited KingdomHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL53.683298-1.5059240000001
266HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WILLIAMSBRG BUSCH GARDENS AREAWilliamsburgVirginiaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL37.2707022-76.7074571
239HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS WILLIAMSTONWilliamstownNorth CarolinaUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL35.8546039-77.0555114
136HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS YOPALYopalColombiaHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL5.348903-72.400523
47HOLIDAY INN GEBZE - ISTANBUL ASIAIstanbulTurkeyHoliday InnHotel URL41.008237628.9783589
138HOLIDAY INN GUAYAQUIL AIRPORTGuayaquilEcuadorHoliday InnHotel URL-2.1709979-79.9223592
64HOLIDAY INN HOTEL & SUITES BENGALURU WHITEFIELDBengaluruIndiaHoliday InnHotel URL12.971598777.5945627
110HOLIDAY INN HOTEL & SUITES KAMLOOPSKamloopsBritish ColumbiaCanadaHoliday InnHotel URL50.674522-120.3272674
51HOLIDAY INN IPSWICHIpswichUnited KingdomHoliday InnHotel URL52.0567361.14822
235HOLIDAY INN JOHNSTOWN-GLOVERSVILLEJohnstownNew YorkUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL43.0067399-74.3676356
114HOLIDAY INN KITCHENER - CAMBRIDGE CONF CTRKitchenerOntarioCanadaHoliday InnHotel URL43.450301-80.4831917
261HOLIDAY INN LAS COLINASLas ColinasTexasUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL32.8969875-96.9531225
39HOLIDAY INN LEIPZIG - GÜNTHERSDORFLeipzigGermanyHoliday InnHotel URL51.339695512.3730747
132HOLIDAY INN MANAUSManausBrazilHoliday InnHotel URL-3.1190275-60.0217314
90HOLIDAY INN QUERETARO ZONA DIAMANTEQueretaroMexicoHoliday InnHotel URL20.5888184-100.3898876
94HOLIDAY INN REYNOSA-INDUSTRIAL PONIENTEReynosaMexicoHoliday InnHotel URL26.0508406-98.2978951
163HOLIDAY INN SACRAMENTO RANCHO CORDOVARancho CordovaCaliforniaUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL38.5890723-121.302728
227HOLIDAY INN SALEM (I-93 AT EXIT 2)SalemNew HampshireUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL42.7885553-71.2008912
167HOLIDAY INN SPRINGFIELD SOUTH - ENFIELD CTSpringfieldConnecticutUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL42.1014831-72.589811
160HOLIDAY INN TEXARKANA ARKANSAS CONV CTRTexarkanaArkansasUnited StatesHoliday InnHotel URL33.4417915-94.0376881
43HOLIDAY INN ZILINAZilinaSlovakiaHoliday InnHotel URL49.219449818.7408001
186HOTEL INDIGO COLUMBUS ARCHITECTURAL CENTERColumbusIndianaUnited StatesHotel IndigoHotel URL39.2014404-85.9213796
68INTERCONTINENTAL BANDUNG DAGO PAKARBandungIndonesiaIntercontinentalHotel URL-6.9174639107.6191228
198STAYBRIDGE SUITES COVINGTONCovingtonLouisianaUnited StatesStaybridge SuitesHotel URL30.4754702-90.1009108
254STAYBRIDGE SUITES GREENVILLE I-85 WOODRUFF ROADGreenvilleSouth CarolinaUnited StatesStaybridge SuitesHotel URL34.8526176-82.3940104
256STAYBRIDGE SUITES KNOXVILLE OAK RIDGEOak RidgeTennesseeUnited StatesStaybridge SuitesHotel URL36.0103561-84.2696449
271STAYBRIDGE SUITES MILWAUKEE WEST-OCONOMOWOCOconomowocWisconsonUnited StatesStaybridge SuitesHotel URL43.1116731-88.4992659
300Candlewood Suites Bordentown-TrentonBordentownNew JerseyUnited StatesCandlewood SuitesHotel URL40.126515-74.719336
301Staybridge Suites North BrunswickNorth BrunswickNew JerseyUnited StatesStaybridge SuitesHotel URL40.4479605-74.4975614
302Holiday Inn Express and Suites LaceyLaceyWashingtonUnited StatesHoliday Inn ExpressHotel URL47.045584-122.8287543

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