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From time to time, I write about different bonus opportunities in buying miles and points.  While I think generally it’s not a good idea to buy points (even with a bonus), I write about them because a) people seem to like to read about them and b) (selfishly), I earn a commission when people buy miles and points through my links.

Again, I repeat, except in limited circumstances (such as topping off your account balances for a specific short-term award), I do not recommend buying miles and points, even at a discount.  With a little foresight, there are often much better (i.e. cheaper) ways to get points, like credit card signup bonuses.

Bonus on buying Choice points through Thursday Aug 17

There is currently a discount on buying Choice points, through the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday).  If you buy 40,000 points in order to get the maximum discount of 30%, you will pay $308.  This works out to 0.77 cents per Choice point, which is not a very great rate.  As a contrast, in the Daily Getaways sale this spring, you could buy Choice points as low as 0.4 cents per point.

My first points purchase ever

As I mentioned, I don’t generally recommend buying points, but I have an upcoming trip seemed like it would be the perfect storm of why to do it.  My son and I are going to Stockholm in a few weeks (SEE: 2 tickets to Sweden! 60K FlexPerks, 40K United and $22.40), and I have had my eye on the Clarion Hotel Sign hotel after this review from Loyalty Traveler.  It’s centrally located and only 10,000 Choice points / night.  Unfortunately there must be something going on in Stockholm the weekend I’m going to be there, as all the hotels are either sold out or super expensive.  The 2 Stockholm Choice hotels that are centrally located and 10,000 points / night have been sold out every time I checked.

I had booked a backup reservation at the Courtyard Marriott for the 2 nights I wanted, but that is costing 30,000 Marriott points / night, doesn’t come with breakfast AND is further away from the downtown Stockholm area.

I’ve been checking every day for availability to open up at the Clarion Hotel Sign, and finally it did!  So I went ahead and bought the points.

Compare the $99 to buy 10,000 Choice points to the cost of booking this hotel in cash

In case you’re not up to date on your conversion rates from Swedish Kroner to US Dollars, 1990 SEK is ~USD$245 .  So while I could have done better (by buying my Choice points cheaper or planning ahead by getting the Choice credit card), I’m pretty happy with 60% off!


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