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Over the month of February, Plastiq lowered their fees from 2.5% to 2% when paying bills by American Express. Today is the last day to pay bills with the lower rate!

The rate is not applied for bills scheduled in the future, even if scheduled in February. You will have to click “pay now” and use your Amex card to get the promotional 2.0% rate. Starting March 1 fees will be back to the standard 2.5%.

For those unfamiliar with Plastiq

Plastiq is a bill pay service that lets you use your credit card to pay bills for which you couldn’t otherwise use a credit card (SEE: My experiences using Plastiq to pay my mortgage for “free” money). You do pay a fee, and it is typically 2.5% of the amount of the payment.

This doesn’t really make Plastiq a good deal for general payments (in my opinion), but it does allow some wiggle room if you need to meet some minimum spend on some new cards. I am in that boat myself right now, as I need to spend another $10,000 for the bonus on my new American Express Business Platinum card.

Past promotions have included fees of only 1.75% when you schedule 6 or more rent payments (convenient for using a Citi DoubleCash card), lowered fees (2%) for paying by MasterCard, and one fee-free payment when you schedule 6 or more payments.

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