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Reposting this as this promotion ends on September 30th (Friday).  Remember – your payments only have to be SCHEDULED by September 30th – schedule 6 payments and lock in a 1.75% rate

I have written before about my experiences paying my mortgage with Plastiq.  Over the past few months, I have paid some of my mortgages (I have a few rental properties) with my Citi AT&T Access More card, which gives 3x ThankYou points on all online transactions, and Plastiq counts for that.

There are not any currently known signup links for the AT&T Access More card, but there is one way to still get the card

(SEE ALSO: How you can still get the AT&T Access More card)

New (cheaper) promotion

I just got an email from Plastiq, offering a 1.75% rate if you schedule 6 or more transactions by September 30th.  The transactions don’t have to be PAID by September 30th – just SCHEDULED


So the fine print says

  • Schedule 6 or more payments into the future
  • They have to be for rent or mortgage (not sure how they are tracking this)
  • You have to use a Mastercard
  • You have to have your 6 scheduled payments done by the end of September

It does not appear to put any sizing restrictions on the payments, though depending on how they track rent / mortgage, that will determine your payment.

This does not appear to be targeted as it is also available on the Plastiq website

I personally am planning on taking advantage of this by scheduling out my payments for the next few months

Anyone else taking advantage of this Plastiq promotion to pay rent or mortgage?  Leave your experiences in the comments

NOTE: All links to Plastiq in this post are referral links.  If you sign up for Plastiq through my link, you will get 200 fee-free dollars to pay and I will get 400.  If you do sign up through my link, I of course appreciate it.  You’re also welcome to sign up through any other user’s link, or just go to and sign up yourself with no bonus.

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