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One of my first posts on this blog was talking about an online game where you could win La Quinta hotel points.  This game was all the rage early in January, but at some point it got TOO popular and LQ throttled the probability of winning any actual points.


Being the complaining guy that I am, I actually wrote some emails to La Quinta and got a call from someone there.  She said that they were changing the probabilities back and I have noticed that I win more now (about as much as I did at the beginning of the month)

In any case, if you’re still playing, today (January 31) is the last day to play.  I have been (usually) going out to the site each day and logging in, but not spinning.  I found that it still gave you your daily spins.  I ended up using all my points last night, but the results were not that great.  Out of about 160,000 total tokens (like I said, I’ve been storing them up), I ended up with about 450 points.

Then too, when I logged in this morning, it seemed like those points were gone (didn’t transfer).

In any case, I ended up with 7650 points on my account and 1925 for Carolyn.  In the end, I’m not sure it was worth the time but hopefully that will be enough for a free night somewhere.  (no Category 1 / 6000 point hotels here in Cincinnati)

What about you?  Did you play?  How did you fare?

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