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The other day, Share did one of those “remember when” posts, sharing a post that I wrote 3 years ago


First of all, it gave me quite the LOL to remember how excited I was that (almost!) 100 people head read my first post (titled “The Basics”).  Side note – I should probably go back to that and update it 🙂

Reminiscing about the most viral hotel promo (at least in my house)

No, the most viral hotel promotion was NOT the IHG Priceless Surprises promo, where in my house we sat at the dining room table assembly line style, filling out envelopes.


though that one is probably 2nd… In fact just the other day my 8 year old asked me “Can we do the envelopes thing again?” – he was excited for his job, which was taking the index card, putting it in the envelope, and licking it shut 🙂

No, the honor for most virally successful hotel promotion in my house goes back to La Quinta Rewards Stay and Play game

La Quinta Rewards Stay and Play

For those of you who weren’t around 3 years ago, the La Quinta Rewards Stay and Play game was a virtual slot machine game.  You could earn spins in all the usual ways (answering questions, interacting on social media and referring friends).  Each spin could earn you either tokens (good for additional spins) or actual La Quinta points.

It was open for about a month, and I remember being blown away that someone from La Quinta actually called me on the phone to explain some changes they were making to the game (way back before I was even medium-potatoes).  I think we ended up with about 14,000 La Quinta points between the 2 of us, which is theoretically good enough for a hotel night or two (though I’ve had trouble actually finding a good time to use them)

The reason I mention it is that my kids STILL TALK ABOUT LA QUINTA!  If we pass a La Quinta hotel, odds are good that they will mention something about the Stay and Play promotion, even 3 years later.

Anyway, just wanted to share the reminiscing, and thank all of you who have been reading since way back when!


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