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(UPDATE: The US DOT is NOT enforcing this United Mistake Fare Sale.  Here is the final information including a link to the full DOT press release)

United’s fare sale, or United Mistake Fare…. 🙂

We have a bit of an update on the “Great Dane”, as some have been calling it.  If you’ve been living under a rock the past few days, for a brief time a few days ago, you could buy first class roundtrip flights from London to the US (and other places) for about $85, provided that you purchased your flights in Danish Kroner


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Update from the US Department of Transportation

There are those that argue that everyone SHOULD file a complaint with the US DOT, and there are those that argue that people SHOULD NOT because it’s obviously a mistake and people should not take advantage of it.  Personally I filed a complaint for the tickets of my wife and I, and I have no problem if you do or do not.  Armchair lawyers and moralists are out and arguing all over the Internet (on both sides of the story), per usual :-).

The US DOT has posted a statement on their website

The Department of Transportation is aware of an issue involving mistaken fares on United Airlines’ Danish-facing website.  The Department’s Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings has begun looking into this matter, including speaking to United and reviewing consumer complaints.  That Office will gather all the relevant facts before making a determination as to whether United is or is not required to honor the mistaken fares.

Updated: Thursday, February 12, 2015
For people that love to parse the hidden meaning in every possible word, the DOT titled their post “United Airlines Mistaken Fare”
We shall see!  The tickets that I bought are not till September, so hopefully this will all be resolved by then!  Reports in the Flyertalk thread are that people whose flights have already happened have been turned away by UA staff at London Heathrow, though some people are continuing to go anyway so that they can be denied boarding and possibly seek compensation under the EU261 regulations.


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