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I think rental cars are the last great “black hole” of rewards programs.  While it is possible (maybe not EASY, but possible) to get free hotel nights and airline flights using miles and points, especially with lucrative credit card signup bonuses and spending, unless you’re renting cars a LOT (i.e. for business), you’re not likely to get much in the way of free car rental days.  I find, even if you ARE renting a lot, the car rental loyalty programs leave a little something to be desired (in comparison to hotel and airline loyalty programs)

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Map of my visited counties

Map of my visited counties

What I do when I rent a car

When I rent a car, I am usually renting it for myself.  This could be for a county trip, or sometimes for a conference I’m at

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I will often see something like this



The Economy (or subcompact at other sites) is the cheapest, and then it goes up by a few dollars for each successive bigger size.  Clearly, they are trying to upsell you (just like a Dairy Queen Blizzard!).  I ALWAYS RENT THE CHEAPEST SIZE THERE IS!

Now, after that I will use Autoslash, which ranked at #2 on my list of the Top 10 miles and points tools out there.  Autoslash is great because you just plug in your existing reservation, and over the course of the next few days / weeks, they’ll constantly check to find if there’s a lower price out there.

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Another great way to earn while renting vehicles, is to use credit cards that give back on car rentals. Travel cards not only usually offer 1-2x points for travel, which includes purchases on car rentals, but also offers insurance coverage for rental cars. Most American Express cards and cards like Chase Sapphire Preferred offer coverage, which means you do not have to pay for any additional insurance from the rental company. You can see here how the Chase Sapphire Reserve card saved my mom nearly $900 with its rental insurance.

Why you’re foolish if you rent a “standard” car

This is the best of my rental car tips - if you're on a travel road trip and looking for ways to save money renting, make sure you don't

Why I’m saying you’re foolish if you rent a “standard” size car, or anything besides the absolute cheapest car available (usually subcompact) is because rental car companies don’t care what you book.  They have a set amount of cars at a given time, and you “get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit” (as we always tell our kids!)

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It has also been my experience that if you rent an economy or subcompact, they never carry any of those, and so you’re going to get a standard car anyways, or at the very least a compact or intermediate.  So you get what you want, and, in our example above, you save $20.

I often use Avis, and at many of their airport locations, if you have Avis Preferred (which you can get for free), you bypass the line, and take whatever car you want anyways.  So in that case, if you book anything but the cheapest category, you’re DEFINITELY just throwing away money.  Several of the other rental car chains have similar programs.

The exceptions

Of course there are exceptions – if you’re carrying ski equipment to Lake Tahoe, you’ll probably want a SUV for all your gear.  Or if you’re traveling with a large family, you might want a minivan.  Though if you have a REALLY large family (like my family of 8), you may be better off in TWO rental cars than trying to book a van.  Read about our experiences trying to book rental transportation for our family of 8 in Why we’re a 2 (rental) car family.

Or if you’re in a situation where the DOWNSIDE of NOT getting what you want is big, like in the Tahoe ski trip example.  If you NEED an SUV, then you better BOOK one and not just hope to get one on an upgrade.  It’s why we ended up renting 2 cars for our recent trip – because the downside of booking a large van and them NOT having one was too high.

If you’re looking to book a car – you can save up to 10% on cars through with this link

What about you?  When you’re booking a rental car, what size do you book?


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