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I first saw this reported by Frequent Miler, but Staples is having (another) free money deal.  This is not to be confused with the “Get $20 when you buy $300 in Mastercard gift cards” deal, which is still going on through this Saturday.  I like to call these “Mad Lib” deals:

Save _____ (amount) when you buy _______ (purchase amount) in _______ (type) Gift Cards at _______.  Refund will be given in ___________

This time, the Mad Lib answers are:

1) $20

2) $300


4) Staples

5) Visa gift card

In case you didn’t follow along, if you buy $300 in Visa giftcards next week at Staples, you’ll get a $20 Visa gift card.  Here’s next week’s weekly ad (it’s on page 21 / 22).


Option 1 – 2 $200 cards

Best option (if you can find them) is 2 $200 cards.  There’s a $6.95 activation fee on both, so it’s a money maker of $6.10, plus if you’re paying with the Chase Ink, that’s 2000 Chase points

Option 2 – 1 $200 and 1 $100 cards

You can also get a $200 and a $100 card for $300 total.  Your out of pocket will be slightly less, since the $100 cards only have an activation fee of $5.95, making it a moneymaker of $7.10, but you only get 1500 Chase points (when paying for the Ink)

Option 3 – 3 $100 cards

If your store is out of $200 cards (probably likely), you can get the $100 ones. There’s a $5.95 activation fee on both, so it’s still a slight money maker, plus if you’re paying with the Chase Ink, that’s 1500 Chase points

I just got back from Staples last night getting my $200 Mastercards and my FAR Kaspersky Anti-Virus, which is still active until this Saturday (the 18th).  Let me know if you take advantage of this deal!


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