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On our way to Orlando for the Traveling Dads Disney retreat, we decided to stop at the Holiday Inn Express in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Because we had done our epic surprise trip to Disney reveal in the afternoon after the kids got home from school, we were looking for something that was 5 hours or so on the road, with the idea to break up the journey into about a day and a half of driving. So when the IHG Point Breaks list came out and I saw this Holiday Inn Express in Sweetwater, Tennessee, it was just about a perfect fit.

Holiday Inn Express is probably my favorite mid-level type hotel. Now I’m on the record that so-called “budget” hotels are WAY better than 5-star hotels, as well as hating Holiday Inns, but at a Holiday Inn EXPRESS on the other hand, you know you’re getting a nice breakfast that includes delicious cinnamon rolls!

Plus if you ask nicely, they’ll usually give you some cinnamon rolls for the road 🙂

Holiday Inn Express Sweetwater rooms

We called a few days before our stay to ask for adjoining rooms. We had booked a few weeks beforehand, and I’m glad I called – as they were able to put us into adjoining rooms, which is always nice, since it means the difference between my sharing a bed with my wife and sharing a bed with a wiggly 7 year old ;-).  With adjoining rooms, the 7 year old goes here:


Because we got in late and had an early start the next day on our way to Orlando, we didn’t get a chance to check out the pool or the fitness center, but the Holiday Inn Express Sweetwater does have both of those, along with laundry.

In the morning, after a tasty cinnamon roll filled breakfast, we were on our way again!


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