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Isn’t that always the way it goes?  As a parent, you plan this big thing, and then… your kids end up liking some inconsequential part.  The classic example is the kids who don’t spend any time playing with their big Christmas present because they’re too busy playing with the box it came in!


Of course, sometimes playing with the box IS a lot of fun, as evidenced by this recent picture of our Cub Scout den making a cardboard box castle fort at a recent campout 😀

Overscheduling a Disney trip

Disney World is an amazing place, and there is SO much to do.  Even in the Magic Kingdom (which is one of 5 parks inside just Disney World Florida, not to mention any of the other Disney parks), you could easily spend days.

There’s a reason why Haley Bach (our resident #FT4RL Disney expert) scheduled in 2 rest days in her example 8 day Disney itinerary

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If you try to go all day every day, you will burn yourself out and end up having a miserable time.  So in that case, a few trips to the swimming pool make sense.

In our case though, we were only there for 3 days, so for us it was all Disney all the time.  Which isn’t to say that we were at the park from rope drop to close, but we didn’t have much time for just relaxing and swimming.  Our 3 days were Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, and we didn’t even come close to doing all there is to do in just those 3 parks, not to mention Animal Kingdom or Downtown Disney, neither of which we visited at all.

Keep it simple with kids

You always hear the story of the ultimate family vacation – it’s Hawaii, it’s Disney, it’s London or Paris.  Maybe my kids are different than most, but for them, most of the time they don’t really care about the different things that are at a particular location.  They mostly just want to do the basic things that are available at most places.  You don’t have to go far away to have a fun family vacation

I’ve said it before – all my kids want is a swimming pool and a waffle maker, and that’s not even mentioning the fact that they love getting to watch Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel when we stay at hotels (since we don’t have cable) . Anything else is just a bonus!

Disney World is one of the best places for family travel. But finding things to do for kids can be overwhelming - they'll probably just want to swim in the swimming pools

Readers tell me your experiences – have your kids ever been more excited to swim in the hotel pool than go to the awesome places you took them?

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