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Yesterday I wrote about the new IHG Set your Sights promotion, which lets you earn up to 50,000 points for completing a series of personalized tasks.


Yesterday was the day that you could log in to find what your personalized IHG Set your Sights offers are.  I logged into my account to find:


This is not a particularly good offer (though better than some).  I have to stay at a Holiday Inn Resort or Club Vacations destination, which as I understand it, basically entails sitting in to a timeshare presentation (ugh).

So I’m clearly not going to do this, though I question whether I would have done it anyways

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My wife got what I believe is the standard “newbie” IHG Set your Sights offer


This can be done in only 2 stays of 3 nights, which is much easier to do.

Signing up new IHG accounts

While it’s not something that IHG probably appreciates or explicitly condones, I would encourage you to think about whether creating another account might make sense.  For example, if you have children or other people that you are responsible, you might consider creating a new account to sign up for IHG Set your Sights.

For awhile, IHG was giving out a 2,000 point bonus just for enrolling, though it does appear that no longer works (is it working for you?)

Another bonus of thinking of your accounts as “disposable” is that you might feel better about using some of the IHG promo codes out there, without worrying about your account being shut down.

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The downside of multiple accounts

The biggest one might be risk of getting ALL your accounts shut down.  I wouldn’t recommend signing up for another IHG account unless you have an actual person behind it.  I guess that’s another bonus to having so many kids 😛

The other downside is having to manage them all.  Plus if you have some sort of status (though status at IHG is not worth very much – can’t even get breakfast as a Platinum!), or if you have the IHG credit card that gives a 10% rebate, those would not transfer over.

Still, for 50,000 points, it might be worth it.  At the very least, it’s good to have options!

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