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Everyone always talks about startups “disrupting” industries.  You have airbnb “disrupting” the traditional hotel industry, or Uber / Lyft disrupting taxis, etc.  If ever there was an industry that was in need of a disruption, it’s the rental car industry!  I’ve had pretty negative experiences all around with renting cars from traditional rental car agencies – here’s a smattering of posts on the subject

In fact, I’d say the only thing I really LIKE about renting a car is using Autoslash – which is one of my Top 10 miles and points tools.  I used that to rent a car in Denver for a week for about $100 – the same price they were renting out per DAY!

Autoslash is actually just one of several companies that are trying to change the way people rent cars.  Another company is Skurt

Skurt – a new way to rent cars

Skurt is a new on-demand car rental service that delivers your vehicle to you—then picks it up when you’re through – they even offer curbside pick up at the airport so you can skip the lines and wait after a long flight.  The pickup and delivery service is $15 each way, or they offer complimentary pickup at LAX or their rental facility nearby.  There are no underage fees (if you’re 21 or older) and they claim to not overcharge you for gas (though personally I always just fill up before I return)

It’s paperwork-free as well – they verify your driver’s license through the iPhone app.

They offer the standard types of cars – as well as luxury SUVs to convertibles to electric Teslas.


Skurt is currently only available in Los Angeles but has plans to roll out to San Francisco and New York in 2016

A Skurt giveaway

The folks at Skurt offered me a free 2-day rental on a Solid Standard car to check it out, but I thought that it might be more useful to run a giveaway for a reader.  Important note – you do need to be 21 or older and Skurt is only available in the Los Angeles area, so you’ll need to live near there or be traveling there.

Skurt Rental Car giveaway

Even if you don’t win, Skurt has offered up a discount code that is valid for $50 off your first rental (breaks out to $10 off a day for up to 5 days) – just use discount code PWC50 at checkout!

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