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In a scenario that seems right out of the Twilight Zone, a female African-American doctor on a recent Delta flight was trying to provide medical attention to a fellow passenger when flight attendants asked (multiple times) to see her medical credentials.

News report video

Here is a video of the news report from Boston 25.

If this sounds familiar…

If this sounds familiar, it’s because THIS ALREADY HAPPENED ON A DELTA FLIGHT!

(SEE ALSO: Delta to black woman doctor onboard: “Sorry sweetie, we’re looking for ACTUAL doctors”)

In a twist of irony, Dr. Stanford had recently attended a conference on medical bias where she had interviewed Dr. Tamika Cross, who was the doctor in the first incident on Delta back in October 2017. Delta had actually changed their policy to no longer require flight attendants to ask for medical credentials, but I guess someone didn’t get the memo.

As always, there are 2 sides to every story (Yeah I’m lookin at you Miss I tweeted about AA stealing my luggage when really it was all my fault), and it’s possible that we’ll hear more information forthcoming in the next few days


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