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After our time in Singapore, it was time to head to the Singapore Airport.  Our flight left Singapore Airport at about 10 a.m., so that meant a bit of an early wakeup call in order to checkout, make our way to the airport, check in to the Singapore airport as well as enjoy the Emirates Singapore airport lounge.

Airport lounges can be a great way to keep your sanity while doing long distance travel. Here's a review of the Emirates lounge in Singapore

Finding the Emirates Singapore airport lounge

The Emirates Singapore airport lounge is just past security and up an escalator


The Emirates Singapore airport lounge serves both first and business class passengers, and I believe it was also available for first and business class passengers on Qantas (at least they were showing Qantas flights on the board).  We showed our Emirates First Class boarding passes and we were admitted into the lounge

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I asked to see if we could get the chauffeur service when we arrived in Dubai.  The agent said that she would look into it, but after awhile came to find us in the lounge and told us it would not work out (I assume the root cause of this was because we were booked on a partner ticket)

Emirates Singapore airport lounge seating

The seating at the Emirates first and business class lounge in Singapore airport was quite plentiful – there were still a few flights going on but there was no problem finding a seat.  There is a separate lounge area with TVs and a bar


And also more seating around the corner as it led to the food area (in the background of the below picture)


Emirates Singapore airport lounge food

The food at the Singapore airport Emirates lounge was very tasty. I would even classify it as a step above other international lounges, such as the Cathay Pacific business class lounges in HKG

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We were there in the morning, so there was a variety of breakfast foods available at the Emirates Singapore airport lounge




Emirates Singapore airport lounge amenities

There is a shower available at the Emirates Singapore airport lounge


Though since I was about to get on an Emirates First Class A380 and SHOWER ON THE AIRPLANE, I did not take advantage of the lounge shower :-).  The wifi at the Singapore airport lounge was decent, and after a few hours, they called our flight to board, so we walked the short amount to our gate in order to continue on to Dubai


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