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I track quite a few travel-related things.  Some of them are on my travel bucket list, and then there’s my obsession with counting countries, world heritage sites, counties, and other lists of things to do

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My most recent big travel map updates were when I got back from visiting Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore in June and then a big update of my travel map back in February, after I got back from my trip to Puerto Rico.  Since I just got back from a county counting roadtrip through Minnesota, Wisconsin and southern Canada, I figured it’s time to update the travel map again!


Most Traveled People

Most Traveled People divides the world up into 875 different jurisdictions, including dividing most of the larger countries of the world into states and provinces.  I had already been to Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Ontario, but had not previously been to Manitoba, so that brought my total MTP count to 63


United States counties

The big reason for the trip was to further my friend and I on our goal to visit all 3,143 counties.  This particular trip got 68 new counties for me, bringing my total up to 1,562 (at 49.7%, I am JUST shy of halfway done).  The breakdown was as follows:

  • Minnesota: 39 new counties
  • Wisconsin: 22 (completing the state as I have now been to all 72 counties in Wisconsin)
  • North Dakota: 3
  • Manitoba: 3
  • Ontario: 1

Here’s my updated county map (color-coded by year of visit)


Interstate Highways

One of the things I am also trying for on my travel bucket list is to visit every Interstate Highway. As of this trip, I had been on 104 out of the 345 US Interstate highways.  During this trip I picked up I-35 (northern Minnesota section), I-35W and I-35E, I-394, I-494, I-535, and I-694, bringing my total to 111 Interstates visited.

I also track (though I don’t yet have it as an “official” bucket list item) visits to US numbered highways – on this trip, I picked up 2 new ones, US59 and US169, putting me at 110 out of 218, or just over halfway through.

If you’re interested in tracking this kind of thing, the Clinched Highway Mapping site is the place you’ll want to be.

Flight map

I use Open Flights to track the flights I’ve taken, so it was time to add 2 more flights to the list!

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That’s 2 flights, 1 new airport (MSP) and 1190 total miles added (currently 60,551 total flown miles)

I do also track how many UNESCO World Heritage Sites I’ve been to (total: 6), but although there were plenty of large animal statues, none of those quite qualified for World Heritage Site status.

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All that travel map updating makes me want to travel somewhere else!  Good thing I’ll be going to Europe soon!

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