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hilton-logoOver the past few weeks, the hotel world has been moving pretty quickly.  First we had Marriott buying the Starwood hotel group.  Then, (probably) in reaction to SPG elite members being unsatisfied with becoming Marriott rewards members, Hyatt started offering Diamond status to anyone who had any type of status

Hyatt turned off the Diamond faucet fairly quickly (I only got a match to be offered to Hyatt Platinum), but then Hilton got into the game – offering HILTON Diamond status

I know some people have already been matched to Hilton Diamond – personally I am still waiting to hear back anything from Hilton, but in the meantime I had some thoughts about taking the match to Hyatt Platinum (or Hilton Gold – anything but the top tier)

Should you take the Hyatt or Hilton status match?

Obviously if you got matched to Hyatt or Hilton Diamond, there’s not a huge downside to taking the status match, and I’m sure if you were matched to one of those top-tier statuses, you’ve already accepted and gotten the match.

I’m more talking about people that were matched to the mid-tier status (Hyatt Platinum or Hilton Gold).

Hotel companies change the rules all the time, and even more regarding things like status matches.  It hasn’t been too long that Hyatt had a Diamond challenge, then didn’t, then did again.

Status matching often “once per lifetime”

CC via Flickr

CC via Flickr

So, given that we know hotel companies change the rules, it still can be instructive to look at some of the historical rules.  There is plenty of precedent for hotel status matches to be limited to “once per lifetime”.  See this Flyertalk thread for an example of the Hyatt status challenge being once per lifetime.  Ben from One Mile at a Time mentions that Hilton status matches are also once in a lifetime in the comments of this post.

Again, I am not saying for sure that if you take this status match that you’ll be ineligible for future status matches, but it’s certainly possible, and something to think about.  I replied back to Hyatt’s email offering me Platinum asking if this would preclude me from future status matches – but as expected, they have not responded.

Again, Diamond status would be one thing, but I personally am going to pass on Hyatt Platinum.  If you really want Hyatt Platinum or Hilton Gold, there are plenty of credit cards that offer both of those statuses.

Do you have any experience with being denied a hotel status match because you had already done one previously?


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