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I hope that you’ve enjoyed the past week of travel information – here’s a recap of what you may have missed from Points With a Crew over the past week or so

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Point Roberts Washington is an awesome geographical oddity that is ONLY accessible by driving through Canada. Visit the beaches and parks but don't cross the unmanned boundardy!I was recently in the Pacific Northwest visiting Seattle.  Last time our family of 8 took the train from Chicago to Seattle, but this time I had a car.

While I was there I visited Point Roberts Washington, which is an exclave of the US that is ONLY accessible by driving through Canada.  It’s harder to get to than you might think!

If it's your first time at the airport, here's 3 mistakes you do NOT want to make if you want to catch your flight. Great tips and hacks for airport travelGetting to the airport at the right time is a balancing act – too late, you’re in danger of missing your flight, too early, and you’ll waste years of your life in airports.

Here are 3 things you do NOT want to do if you want to make your flight

What are your best tips?


There are quite a few opportunities for free airline miles out there

You can get 250, 500 or 1000 points in a matter of seconds of time!

How much do you give in tips for a hotel maid?  Should yoThe poll is going strong at about 50/50 –

Time for you to weigh in on how much do you tip a hotel maid?  (If you tip at all!)


hilton-logoWhile I was in Seattle, I stayed 4 nights at the Hilton Seattle downtown

Although I am a Diamond member, I was a little miffed when I didn’t get upgraded.

Then Hilton responded back to my whiny complaining letter

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If you’re still up for more travel reading, here’s last week’s recap: A 47 year(!) layover, crazy comments, free money and 5 year olds sent to the wrong airport

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